What you are about to read is my life!  

My Prayer Life!  

It is summed up in eight key steps that I incorporate daily as part of my prayer journey.

Praying the steps provided in this booklet will change your life.  The steps are simple, yet very powerful.  For over twenty years, I have prayed in this manner. Throughout this time, I have been eyewitness to the unseen hand of God and His angels helping me along the way.

As a mother, it is my desire is to see these steps become a part of my sons’ lives.  Fortunately, they too have seen God’s mighty hand at work through these mighty weapons of prayer.

As a minister’s wife, these steps have wrought many answers and divine assistance to my husband’s ministry as a pastor, evangelist and overseas missionary.  There are not words to express the grace and strength a man of God receives when his wife prays.

The Eight Steps Covered In this Booklet Are listed Below.

1. Protection
2. Dispatching Angels
3. Pleading The Blood
4. Praying For Your Mind
5. Spiritual Warfare
6. Praying The Word of God
7. The Favor Of God
8. Anointing With Oil

Thank you for stopping by to take a look. It is my hope that this book will become a tool to make your prayer life strong, enabling you to stand with faith believing in the battle. We live in a time when prayer is an imperative.  And I believe God stills answers prayer!

In Jesus Name,

Patricia Ann Klinedinst